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Pupils learning in school is embedded and mastered.

Please note that not all of the courses that SimplifyMATHS provides have been given above. SimplifyMATHS provides many more courses than this, please, feel free to call/email us so we can tailor your needs. We would love to teach you!


  • “I really enjoy maths now. I did not enjoy the subject before. I can’t wait for my lessons and have never learnt so much in one maths lesson before.”

    Patricia Primary Level
  • “Well seasoned crafted teacher who has excelled Chris with results”

    Martha (Mother of Christopher) Year 10
  • “Ryan has now completed all his exams for the year and achieved very high scores 2nd highest in the class which is amazing thank you”

    Samantha (Mother of Ryan) Year 7
  • “I achieved a grade 7 after studying with SimplifyMATHS for 7 months. I received the grade I needed and now I can study for medicine – the job I always wanted to do. Thank you.”

    Benedetta GCSE Student
Primary Maths Tuition

Why Choose SimplifyMATHS online tuition school…

SimplifyMaths is a state of the art online tuition school using the most up to date technology that provides the most efficient online teaching platform for pupils to learn effectively in the comfort of their own environment. This could be from home or from any location so long as you have a computer/laptop and internet service.

The online platform is the best on the market. We have tried and tested the platform and we are satisfied that it is extremely robust and efficient with exceptional facilities.

Here are some of the services it provides:

Excellent sound
Lessons can be recorded and played back
Attention monitoring
Optional video sharing. Pupils can choose not to be seen by the tutor but the tutor will always be available to watch
Most importantly, easy to use!

Please note SimplifyMATHS encourages all ages of learners from primary aged children to adult learners.

We have good mixture of female and male teachers who have an outstanding ability of teaching maths and are very passionate about teaching.

Ongoing assessment and regular feedback is provided.

SimplifyMaths ensures that we deliver the best results for each pupil.

We provide a great expert tuition service at a very affordable rate.

SimplifyMATHS recommends pupils from Secondary learning upwards to take 2 lessons per week.

At SimplifyMATHS we ensure:

– Pupils achieve their full potential.

– Pupils will be assessed as part of their trial session to identify the standard of the pupil.

– Lessons will be structured to pupil’s individual needs and identified gaps will be taught through targeted teaching.

– Ongoing assessment of the pupil is made to ensure that the pupil is grasping the lesson taught and gaining confidence.

– Feedback after lessons is available to guardians so they are fully aware of lessons taught and progress being made.

How does our Online Maths Tuition Work?

We guarantee you a perfect online learning experience – just like being in a classroom if not better as you have the chance to record and playback every session.

Steps to how our system works:

Step 1: You sign up for our taster session

Step 2: We contact you to book your first lesson at a time that suits you, with a fully qualified maths tutor.

Step 3: You login into our website (a system that is similar to Skype) at the prearranged time and date, and then by using a microphone and keyboard, listen and interact with our selected tutor for your bespoke lesson. 

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