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As we embrace ‘the future’ we are seeing technology being used in so many more walks of life than we could have imagined. From the mundanity of online shopping or self-checkouts, to high-tech passport controls and self-driving cars, rapidly changing technology is everywhere.

The internet is also not to be forgotten here, making dictionaries and all forms of encyclopedias a thing of the past, there is so much the web can teach us and show us whatever we need to know within seconds. No one needs to leave the house anymore as everything can be done from the comfort of your armchair. No one even has to know you’re still in your pajamas at 3pm.

Language learning programmes like Rosetta Stone were amongst the first to take learning to the web. With headphones, a microphone and a language course of your choice, the world became our oyster. Teaching on the web has taken over in so many forms, including YouTube videos explaining concepts, SparkNotes for those who forgot to read a particular book for English and, of course, the infamous Wikipedia. These are all great forms of education the internet has opened up but much like Rosetta Stone, professional tuition over the internet has to be amongst the best.

The reliability of sites such as Wikipedia is questionable and when taking important exams, it’s crucial to ensure the information you’re learning is accurate. Tuition over the web is completely safe, and if unsure, you can always ask for a DBS certificate to reassure you.



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