The Benefits of Tutoring

 In Maths Tuition

With schools accepting more and more students, how do parents know their children are getting the sufficient education and support they need? In a class of thirty or possibly more, shy or slow pupils could find themselves getting left behind and lost. In an increasingly demanding and competitive educational environment, it is imperative that no child feels lost in a classroom. This is particularly important at primary school level because for the rest of our lives we work with what we learned in our early years.

With increasing amounts of children applying for grammar secondary schools, children are constantly required to learn more, be better and succeed. This is not always possible to achieve simply from a classroom environment where a teacher has to accustom to many abilities and students.

As someone who themselves was tutored, I can definitely vouch for the advantages. Getting taught at my own pace, whether this be faster or slower than the traditional classroom speed, I was able to pick up concepts more easily than before. Tutors working one-to-one or with small groups get to know their students personally and can assign work and projects specifically tailored for the individual – whether this be verbally, visually, aurally or kinesthetically. Maths was personally something that never appealed to me in primary school, nor was it something I was good at, but with my tutor it became more of an activity often involving mathematic games and I didn’t even realise I was learning.

I didn’t want to admit it at an early age when maths and I were enemies, but it’s certainly a subject that cannot be ignored. In an ever more competitive world with students vying for the best grades, positions and jobs, my advice is this: make sure you are not left behind.



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